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Carvansons LLP manufactures all the fragrance compounds from start to finish in their factory in Bury. The company have a modern blending facility with standard batch sizes from 1kg to 6,000kg.

Carvansons LLP keeps a large inventory of raw materials to enable them to serve their customers with some of the best lead times in the industry. All their fragrances are manufactured according to the guidelines of their governing body IFRA (international fragrance association) of which the company are members.

  • Established over 60 years ago in Manchester, U.K.
  • Creator and manufacturer of bulk Fragrances, Flavors, and other Aromatic Compounds for use throughout the Cosmetics, Household, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, and Food industries.
  • With full R&D capabilities for matching existing fragrance compounds and conducting market research on today's leading brands.
  • With extensive QC procedures that routinely tests all samples and goods.
  • All samples and goods are produced in the UK under strict European standards of quality.
  • Member of IFRA.

Carvansons LLP operates laboratories for QC and R&D purposes. They use Agilent and Varian GC/MS systems coupled with other technology including SPME and thermal disorption to give their customers the best possible results.

The company also have an applications laboratory which enables them to demonstrate their fragrances in a variety of different finished products such as body lotion, EDT, aerosols, bar and liquid soaps etc. They are constantly investing and upgrading these facilities and believe that this investment is reflected in the new and innovative fragrances they create.

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